Meshes and HBLB

Hello everyone,

I have a usual struggle, especially when dealing with architects who seem to prefer Sketchup.

As a result most of the models I receive are meshes. I can import in Rhino, and I do. I also know that I can transform meshes into nurbs in Rhino. However, all this process is usually time consuming (e.g. for some reason architect’s roofs are 25 different meshes instead of one clean polymesh) and other times I simply run out of memory.

Anyone knows a smart way of dealing with this, so that I can use the model with HB and LB components? Just trying to avoid modelling on top of sketchup meshes which is equal to remodelling the whole thing myself :frowning:


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Hi Theodore,
I usually step on the same problem myself and not only with sketcup models. The esiest workaround for me is to use the “naked mesh points” component from Kangaroo or the native “mesh edges” component and recreate closed polylines and then surfaces or patches in case of planar meshes. In more complex geometries i triangulate the mesh faces and recreate surfaces from there which is quite intense especially when it comes to large meshes. Finally a workaround that helped me a lot is to input my meshes into “Create HB surface” component which will do what you need in most of the cases - it worked for me for meshes even with 4000+ mesh faces but might take some time. After that you can keep the generated surfaces and work with them as you wish. (for example join them into 1 brep)

Hope it helps

Create HB surface does convert meshes to breps under the hood as Tasos mentioned but it can be very time-consuming.

I usually re-create the geometries with a similar process as Tasos mentioned. There is also a component for MergeBreps in Grasshopper.

Another option is to use the new development by Max. I haven’t tested it myself but should be a much cleaner solution:

Here is the project on github:

Thanks Tasos and Mostapha.

I did not know that I could do it with HB surface components! That is sweet for simpler models! Since I want to avoid the current practice of recreating, this addon by Max seems fantastic! I’ll try and make it work!

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When you import .skp file in Rhino, you have an option to convert meshes into trimmed surfaces.

Do you use it?

Big time saver, especially when they design boxy stuff SU is so good for.