Microclimate Map - Calculation Terminated by User

I’m trying to build a microclimate map for outdoor comfort and I keep getting the error “Calculation terminated by user”. I also have some warnings about surface temperatures not being found in the EP_Results, but I have confirmed that the surfaces it thinks are missing are being loaded into the readEPSurfaceResult.

I was trying to visualize results from an openstudio model i had. I ran the model, then modified the IDF to output the .csv output and surface data. I’m loading the resulting CSV into Honeybee. I used Openstudio to convert that IDF into GBXML and am using the Honeybee component to load the GBXML into HBZones. I thought this would be the best way to keep all surface names, etc., consistent.

I have my GH file, CSV Results File, EPW, and GBXML file at the following link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RVt1SI8HHZnQKi5czRWCwSI0mXFcI3tm

Any ideas?



HI Stefan,
the result file is not being loaded. Did you have any errors when you ran simulation?

The results file seems to be working correctly. The only errors I have are related to water heating. I think somehow my workflow is introducing inconsistencies in how the surfaces are named. When I try to plug in the “color surfaces by EP result” component, I get this error:

“1. None of the connected srfData could be matched with the surfaces in the connected HBZones.”

I have tried importing my model as honeybee zones from both IDF and GBXML files. I know ideally I would have created the model using Honeybee, but there are a number of reasons that workflow did not work for me on this particular project. I thought I had generated microclimate maps from models created in Openstudio/Energyplus natively a few years ago, is it possible this workflow has become broken?

Ok so I think my original model was not loading due to some geometry errors (triangular shaped windows) that were stopping the results from being properly loaded.

I tried again on a new model and I believe the error is that Honeybee seems to replace spaces in surface names with underscores (e.g. Surface 7 becomes Surface_7). So the surface names in HBZones imported from the IDF do not match with the surface names in the results in the CSV file. So I think my workflow will work as long as I rename the surfaces in my original file to not have any spaces.