Minimum Wind Speed of Inlet Opening

Dear LB community,

Have you ever had trouble setting air speed less than 2m/s?
I want to set a very little wind speed to the inlet opening, but to find that if the wind speed is less than 2, the result would be pretty wired.
For example, if ‘_velocity_vec’ is (0, 2, 0), everything goes good. When I set a smaller number like (0, 1, 0), it goes wrong.

So how can I set a very low wind speed? Is there a limit for the minimum wind speed to the inlet? Or it’s just a rare example?

Thank you,

*error one. wind vector result so large.

hi @ljwssdsw

It looks like your simulation is diverging.
Could you explain what you are trying to simulate?
Could you post results when it is working? perhaps also share your gh definition. This way it will be easier to diagnose your issue.
Is your Rhino in meters?