Missing Ironbug.LBHB_legacy

I am trying to open a Grasshopper file but there is a missing plugin (Ironbug.LBHB_legacy) and the software suggests downloading and installing it (my version is 7). When I do that an error comes.

I was informed later on that Ironbug.LBHB_Legacy has been removed from Ironbug and has been included in the last Ladybug Legacy version (2020-01-01).

I downloaded the Ladybug Legacy version (2020-01-01) from Food 4 Rhino and copied and past it into Grasshopper/file/special folder/ user object folder, but the problem is the same as shown in the photo below. I would be grateful to receive any kind of support for that

Hi -
From that picture and @MingboPeng’s answer on the Rhino forum, it looks like you need to replace the obsolete component in the definition with the one that is part of the last Ladybug Legacy version.

Thank you Wim for this information