Missing output from Honeybee_Read EP Results

Hey all and thanks for the great and helpful community,

I am receiving results output for various variables, as seen in the screenshot, including:

  • operativeTemperature
  • airTemperature
  • meanRadTemperature

In two previous posts, similar issues were solved by updating or by setting model to “conditioned”:
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These solutions has unfortunately not been of any help - does anyone know what other issues could be causing the missing results?

Alternatively, is there another way to call these results?

MT_7.gh (1.1 MB)

Best regards,
Oscar M

For anyone with the same issue, i just found out that the simulation timestep (60 per hour) and result output timestep (hourly) was not similar, which apparently is needed for it to be outputted from the component. Therefore, no output.

The simulation timestep are changed in the EnergySimPar-component, and i changed the result output timestep by editing the output:variable within the simulation IDF-file, and Re-running the IDF.

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