Model running with EnergyPlus but not with OpenStudio component

Dear @chris and @mostapha,

As I was trying to shift from EnergyPlus to OpenStudio component to run Honeybee Energy models, I faced an error right in the beginning.

I upload a simple model here, which runs with EP but not with OS component. (572.1 KB)

Thanks for your time.

Hi @farhang.tahmasebi,

Your file runs without any fatal errors at my end on Rhino 5. Can you please post a snap shot of the error message?

Thanks @devang for the quick reply. Here the snapshot:

Acturally I am now working with both versions (Rhino 5 and 6), so there may be some conflicts. But the model is not running on any of them in my case.


Thanks @farhang.tahmasebi,
Do Ep materials correctly load? You can check this by connecting a panel to the Honeybee_Honeybee component.

@Devang, I started a new file from scratch. Same problem.
This is what I get from HB_HB:

I suspect that the material you are trying to use is faulty. Please check it in the userCustomLibrary.
Or share the file,
Or change the material/construction.

Thanks @AbrahamYezioro. Yes, it had to do with custom library (which included materials and schedules from EP datasets). I removed them and the problem is solved. I will update you later, if I find the problematic EP object more specifically.

I would check the custom library idf in the IDF editor. You’ll see there the problems when the fields are painted in creamy color or you’ll notice the missing values in mandatory fields.
You can do that very quickly.

@AbrahamYezioro, it is not about invalid EP syntax or out of range values, as these are directly extracted from EP data sets.

I did some trial and error tests and realized that the error occurs for example in case of a specific material called “F16 Acoustic tile”. I checked OS library and saw that a material with the same name exists there. So, my guess is that, ExportToOpenStudio cannot handle duplicate names resulting from objects coming from default and user libraries. You can use my user library to test.
userCustomEPLibrary.idf (594 Bytes)

Note that, I do not have this problem with runEnergySimulation component. So, if my guess is correct, either it can handle duplicate names or its library has no overlap with EP materials and schedules datasets.