Model too large/complex to be used in HB?

Hi everyone!

First off I’d like to thank Mostapha, Chris and all the developers of this awesome software.

I made a model to perform an optimization for the detailed design phase. The model is a university building with 81 thermal zones. I wanted to use this model on my master thesis, but I am afraid I won’t be able. So I would really appreciate some help.

The purpose was to set different insulation thicknesses and glazing types depending on the orientation. Therefore I created every zone by using “createHBsrfs” components. At the same time different zones would have different “building programs”.

I created all the zones, I added windows as “child surfaces” for every zone. And I created the adjacencies. No errors or whatsoever.

But from this point I cannot connect the model to any other component without GH being frozen. So although the model is correct maybe it is to heavy for the software, however I am not sure if that is the reason.

Is it stupid what I have done? Is there any easier way to accomplish my purpose?

Any thought or help will be much appreciated.

I attach the GH file.

Thank you,


Version: HB 0.0.59 / LB 0.0.62

University (2.01 MB)

Hi Eduard,

I won’t be able to check your model today but will try to check it before the end of the week. Did you try to check Task Manager? Is it an issue with memory? How much RAM do you have? From your image it doesn’t look like to be too many zones.


Hi Mostapha and thanks for the answer,

The computer is new and it has 16GB RAM , Core i7. Actually I bought it to be able to make large simulations.

Here is a screenshoot from the task manager while GH is frozen:

As you can see memory doesn’t seem to be the problem. So I actually don’t know what the problem could be. I was really careful while doing the model in order not to make any mistake.


Hi Eduard, Then it should work fine. Do you have Autosave on in Grasshopper settings? That might be the reason that slows down the grasshopper file as grasshopper by default saves your file at each and every change that you make.

Hi Mostahpa,

I disabled Autosave, but I still get the same problem.

When I connect, for example, the model to “decomposeByType” component GH freezes.

Then I tried to add all the zones to a single “solveAdjc” and try the same. In that case, although I didn’t get any error for the adjacencies, once I connected the “decomposeByType” component it crashed (not frozen).

Thank you for testing Eduard! I will take a closer to your model as soon as I can.

  • Mostapha

Thank you, I hope we find a solution :slight_smile:

Hi Mostahpa,

I have found a mistake on my model! I gathered all the interior surfaces in the same “createHBSrfs” not distinguishing between Ceilings and Interior Walls.

I thought that “solveAdj” would do it for me. But I created a simpler model and I realized that was the problem. At least one of the possible several errors I might have.

So don’t waste your time. I will ask you again if I find more problems. :slight_smile:


Hi Mostapha,

once again I have problems with the model. I made changes in order to solve it but it doesn’t work anyway. I also created a smaller model following exactly the same way to test if I was wrong while creating it. The second model works properly. But I don’t understand why the first one doesn’t work. And now it is crashing, not freezing.

I attach both models.

Thanks in advance.