Model validation - Radiation values are not updating after changes in epw file


I have modified some values for two months in an epw with experimental data ( I measured global irradiation, diffuse, RH, DB, WB, DP and wind speed) to validate a model I made. I made the changes in excel using the CSV file. However, it seems that when I perform a radiation analysis on a horizontal, unshaded plan, ladybug is giving me radiation values for the old (original) epw file. It’s as if they were stored somewhere and not updating or the new values aren’t being read somehow(?). I have checked in E+ directly, and the values there are correct (I get the new values)… but I would like to validate my code in gh with honeybee and ladybug… any idea what is happening?



FYI I found the solution and if anyone else encounters the same problem, all you need to do is change some of the information in your epw header to trigger Ladybug to read the epw again. I changed the location for example (I abbreviated it) Otherwise, it seems like it will not update anything.

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