Modify Honeybee components

Hey guys,
I would like to change some Honeybee components to have a different default state. So when I drag a new component it automatically has my default state. I don`t want to change that manually all the time.
I need to do that for the following components

Basically I want the dropdown automatically to have more options, as I am including individual programs and schedules.

Where in the datafolders can I find such component scripts to edit? I have a Mac


Hi @maxi.mit1996 ,

I sense there may be a few questions here to unpack but I’ll start by asking why don’t you just create your own user object component that has the custom stuff that you want? That way, you can keep your custom component the way that it is even after you update Ladybug Tools in the future, which will overwrite your current installation.

Now, if you’re asking how to add more options to a dropdown component like that, just double-click it. That will open a menu for you to add more options.

ah true, I forgot that essential part with the updates issue. In that sense I will do my own box.

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