Monthly total value is missing for Jul using BarChart component

Somehow the monthly total value for Jul is missing in the bar chart plotted using the BarChart component, although the value for Jul is there. (see image 1 below)

However, if I adjust the analysisPeriod as Jan-Nov, the bar for Jul will appear (see image 2)

Another problem is that the Y axis is not consistent in terms of subdivision during the change of analysisPeriod.

Am I missing sth here?

Thanks! (820 KB)

Any advice? Thanks a lot!

No advice from here. Just to say that the missing month is kind of random. It happens form me in april for zone1 and november for another zone. When i input all zones, stacked, it shows all of them. Not stacked, some are missing.


Grasshope and Abraham,

The month is not missing. It is just that the monthly bar chart, by default, chooses boundaries for the y-axis that are set by the connected data. So, Grasshoppe, in your example, July is the month with the smallest thermal energy demand (equal to 8.03 kWh/m2). Use the Ladybug LegendPar component to customize the boundaries of the y-axis to what you want. Also, you should know that I am currently in the process of allowing you to connect multiple legendPar so that you can set custom boundaries for multiple connected data sets:


Grasshope and Abraham,

I am just letting you know that I finished putting in the ability to accept multiple legendPar on the bar chart.