Monthy Load


I simulate a space thermal load in HB, But I have heating and cooling load in each month. It’s weird that it needs cooling in December or January. What’s the wrong?

I also tried the Chris’ file and the result was the same.


Thanks inadvance


Hi Masoome,

Let me check your file later tomorrow. It can happen for multiple reasons including HVAC availability schedule.


Thanks for your consideatin

I checked the file and sent you an email. It is about how IdealAirLoads is set-up in Honeybee. I need to review some of the settings with Chris and Chien Si and then I can get back to you about why they made this changes to IdealAirLoads system. The pattern makes sense but the cooling system starts working before temperature reaches the setpoint. Here is cooling, heating and indoor temperature for month of Jan. The graph on the top is temperature with no air conditioning and the one in the bottom is internal loads and solar gains.