More on SolveAdjacencies


I’m having trouble trying to understand why the solveAdjacency doesn’t work in some cases.

Please have a look on the attached. The case at the top works fine. The thing is that i don’t want openings on the south wall for the small box.

The case at the bottom doesn’t work but has the opening thing as i like.

Both cases seem to work right on the solveAdjacencies component. But when i decompose based on type the top shows OK and the bottom shows only the info for the big cube.

Any ideas?


-A. (200 KB)

Hi Abraham,

I checked your file. If you intersect the zones before solving adjacency everything should work fine. As you know in EnergyPlus adjacent surfaces should be exactly the same so solving adjacency between big box and the small box is unexpected for component!

Also you need to rename the zones if you are using two different components to generate zones. I think I need to add more warnings for this all over the place. Check red circles.

Mostapha (208 KB)