Multi grid analysis

Hi All,

The attached GH file is designed to calculate the area of the working plane with a direct view of the sky. It names the room being assessed and culls the mesh to values above a defined threshold before displaying this in Rhino.

Unfortunately, it only works for one reference plane / room at a time. I’ve tried a bunch of things but am getting nowhere fast. When I select 3no. floorplates for the Test Surface brep, GH reports that the reColourMesh stage fails and is reporting the following: ‘1. length of the results [=288] is not equal to the number of mesh faces [=864]’’. However, I can see that the .pts and .res files both have 864 values each. (288 values is the number for a single room)

I would appreciate help on adapting it to do the following:

I would really appreciate any help from you all.

Many thanks


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3roommodel.3dm (227 KB)

Hi Nick,

To use recolor mesh for multiple mesh faces at the same time you either need to join the meshes into a single mesh or remove flatten from analysiResult input. Since you want to set all of them to the same threshold I suggest to join the analysis meshes into a single mesh.


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Here you go. You just needed to flatten the results.

You’re using an outdated version of Ladybug and Honeybee. I strongly recommend to download the most recent release. (421 KB)

So many thanks Mostapha for the speedy reply.

I’ve changed it so that the Larger component in the Cull area now takes the input values from the Flatten component you inserted. (I did this as all three rooms were displaying the same area of working plane even after I varied the window configuration to check).

I’ve also taken the workplane area directly from the initial meshes output from the generate test points component, as this was previously reporting the combined area of all three rooms.

So, hopefully the final question is that in the attached example, the Workplane Area Above Threshold panel at the end of the culling process appears to be reporting the combined area of the three rooms above the threshold value. I’m unclear how to make this report the individual value for each room - which is what I really want.

btw - I hadn’t updated the LB & HB versions, as a previous version of the same file developed an error message in the RunDaylightSimulation componen when I did (1. Solution exception:exportTypeFile() takes exactly 4 arguments (3 given)) and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

many thanks


3roommodel_v2.3dm (254 KB) (431 KB)

Hi Nick,

The key is data matching. You can use the original meshes to remove the faces based on the results and then find the area for each surface. Check the attached file for an example. (427 KB)

Brilliant. Thanks Mostapha.