Multi-Zones Boundary Conditions

Hi everybody,

I have been watching the Chris Mackey´s videos “HoneyBee Energy Modelling” (thanks a lot!! they are sooo useful) because I would like to start runnig multi-zone simulations. But there is something that I don´t know/understand… Is it possible to assign just to one surface an alternate boundary condition?

I mean, through the “Honeybee_Solve Adjacencies” component i am able to assign different BC between two zones, but in that case, maybe more than a wall will change its BC.

What should I do to change the BC just to one wall?

Thanks a lot in advance


Hi Claudia,

I’ll recommend you to take a look at the following HB components:




You’ll probably will need the last one, but all of them are intended to change specific zones, usually, after they get default values (but not only).


Hi Abraham,

thans a lot for your advices. I was looking to those components but as i could understand i just can use them to change the EP construction, so then their stratigraphy and characteristics of each material (roughness, thickness…).

Meanwhile I didn´t find the way to change the Boundary Conditions (Adiabatic, Outdoors…). Is it possible? If yes, can you please show me the worflow to do that?

Thanks in advance



The “best” i can offer is this link.

This is a discussion i opened and Chris’s recommendations and solution are pretty good.

Hopefuly they will work for you too.