MultiDate Study Issue - LadyBug

Hi everyone,
I am trying to create a shadow study based on a multi-date study and each day at the same time. I am not an advanced user of Ladybug but it seems that to achieve what I am after there isn’t a tool for that. So looking at the format of what analysis period gives me (MM,DD,HH) I recreate those but on a multiple days (the attachments might clarify this explanation). The problem is that when I input the period into the sunpath component it gives me an error (if I connect the one from the analysis period component it works fine). I believe it is the format of the input but I am not sure how to fix this. I really hope that someone could help me out as this is going to change my life! :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!!

Hi @Andre91,

Like this it should work. The analyse period overrides the hour/day/month settings. So if you want specific timesteps don’t use the analyse period.

Second option is to make an animation by right clicking on the “day” slider.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes actually the link to the hours was a mistake. What I am after is to take vector from the same time range (12pm to 2pm) on multiple days. For example:
Day 1 between 12pm to 2pm
Day 2 between 12pm to 2pm
Day 3 … and so on.
I was able to generate this analysis period but I don’t know why the sun path component doesn’t recognize it even if it’s the same format.
I have tested with multiple “analysis period” and graft those into the sunpath component and it was working but it becomes difficult when you have to analyze 6 month of range.

hi @Andre91

Something like this?

Yes exactly that’s the logic but the fact the the study that I am doing is across different months is more difficult.

You can do the same trick with the months.