Multiple Energy+ components analysis

Hello Mostapha and Chris,

  1. I am running an energy analysis for a high rise residential building.

My intention is to run the analysis for 4 different mixes of apartment types that repeat multiple times. The multiply the results by N number of how many types each floor typologies repeats in the tower.

(In this example I have only 2 of the 4 floor types.)

The algorithm is very case specific so I built all the walls, ceilings etc etc.

To calculate the energy consumption I try it with two different ways:

A) Use an runEnergySimulation component for each of the floors

B) Use one runEnergySmulation component for both the floors.

and i get different results each time.

Could you please let me know which of the two processes gives correct results?

  1. Also I have noticed that for the MidRise apartments there is no Stair program, which I guess goes back to the previous question of why Energy+ doesn’t have this for residences. My general question is what would be the best program option for the Core of a residential building?



To reply to myself, the one with the multiple components (option A) is the correct one since it gives the same results as if each option is run independently.

I would say that connected is the actual performance of the building. I am guessing you have guessed so, thus this discussion…

I had a similar issue my self simulating semi-detached houses linked to one another. The context surfaces in Honeybee wasn’t really doing the job (also was failing but that was due to geometry on my side). I think one model for both floors should handle the energy transfers correctly. And for sure the results (at least for the bottom floor) should be different.

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