Multiple HB Apertures applied to rooms

I’m wanting to use two HB Apertures by Ratio to create light shelf windows and normal windows. When I apply them in sequence I’m only getting the 2nd windows created but if I branch them off I’m getting duplicate rooms.

Script in sequence only shows the second one

When Split in two I get the windows correct but with duplicate rooms

I’m sure its something silly I’m missing but it’s driving me crazy. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Hi @sycstudios ,

Correct, I think that when it is called, the aperture_by_ratio method will remove all existing apertures before adding the new ones.

If you want to create Apertures from two components like that, I’d recommend doing those operations separately, then pulling out the aperture-elements, and lastly hosting all the Apertures on the original room.

So something like:

example attached.

@edpmay (37.2 KB)


Hi Ed,

Thanks so much for that. I ended up fumbling my way to the same solution through a lot of trial and error and have gotten a much better understanding of the workflow in the process. Though it is great to see how you have laid it out as it is far more elegant than my workflow so will definitely tidy up my method a bit :slight_smile:
Thanks again,