Multiple lighting schedules and LPDs to be used in energy simulation

Hi Mostapha, Chris and all,

I have generated three lighting schedules from daylight simulation for different lighting groups (because I have three lighting groups in the same space). They are going to be used for the subsequent energy simulation by using customized csvSchedule, as shown in Fig.1.

For each lighting group, there is a separate lighting Power Density (i.e. 14.57, 14.57, 9.7619 W/m2 respectively), as show in Fig.2.




My question is:

What is the correct way to plug the “three lighting schedules and lighting Power Densities” to the “setEPZoneLoads” and “setEPZoneSchedules” components, making sure Energy+ can recognize and use these schedules and LPDs for calculation correctly?

As indicated by the panel in Fig.1, three csv files should be generated, but I can only see one csv file (in attachment) generated in the indicated path. It was generated based on the third branch data (i.e. the third 8760 list) of the input “tree” data, instead of the data in all three branches.

As indicated by the panel in Fig.2 and 3, there is only one LPD value (i.e. 14.57) or lighting schedule shown in the yellow panels, instead of three. Is that normal?

Thank you in advance for your kind help!



SCHLight.csv (133 KB)

Here is the gh file attached. (540 KB)

Hi Mostapha, Chris and all,

Similarly, in some cases, we may need to use multiple customized Occupancy Schedules for different users together with multiple corresponding Occupancy Activity Schedules in the energy simulation, due to the complexity of the usage pattern.

For instance, we assume a sports hall (with a grandstand) which will be used for training (without spectators) for 6 days per week; and for competitions (with a large number of spectators) for 1 day per week. In this case, we may need two Occupancy Schedules and two corresponding Occupancy Activity Schedules for the players and spectators respectively.

Therefore, it is important to allow us to connect multiple customized Occupancy Schedules and multiple Occupancy Activity Schedules to the “setEPZoneSchedules” component at the same time; and it is also important for us to input data as a “list” into the “setEPZoneLoads” component, each value (i.e. load) in the input “list” corresponds to a different customized Schedule.

Is it possible to do that in HB? and what is the correct way?

Thank you!