Multiple surfaces - Grid analysis - Mesh results

Hi Mostapha,

I have this case where i have a facade divided in multiple surfaces, according to the floor they are. This is a constrain.

I’m doing a SVC grid analysis and i receive the grid results OK. The thing is that i want to show the results as a mesh. The LB_RecolorMesh says that “the length of the results are not equal” … but they are. I tried to graft/simplify/etc but no use on this.

When there is only one surface i get the mesh.

I see in the grid example that you use the HB_DecomposeBasedOnType to send to the HB_GenerateTestPoints. I don’t want to do this mainly becouse i don’t need. I just want the result on a surface i select.

So your advice will be appreciated.


-A. (152 KB)

Hi Abraham,

If you want to map the results for all the points at once, then you need to flatten the mesh list and join them together.

If you are looking to check the surfaces one by one then you can use the select branch component. I did both inside the file.


PS: There was also a minor mistake when you were trying to move the meshes forward. Mesh normal component generate the normal for every single face (3 in your case) which you only want to select one of them. You were generating 18 meshes instead of 6 and that’s why the component was giving you the error. (162 KB)

Hi Mostapha,

As always … helpful!!