My indoor view factor calculator component is missing output "zonesrfnames"

Hi there,

I’m trying to create a MRT map just like the one Chris Macky created at the end of video 8 from his Honeybee video series on youtoube. However, I’m missing an output called “zonesrfnames” in the indoor view calculator component. Any idea where I went wrong?



I’ve uploaded the files, it would be great if anyone can help me set up a MRT over the floor surface. I feel lost with the missing output. My building is a simple one zone building, I grouped my work in one cluster with a blue background.

Thanks (1.75 MB)
Final.3dm (2.38 MB)


You should follow these discussions: discussion 1 and discussion 2.

Pick the example Indoor Temperature from the first one.

The whole indoor comfort process has changed a lot since the video you are referencing.



Sorry for the confusion with the videos and thank you, Abraham, for posting the links to the most recent stuff. The last stable release has an indoor view factor component with such an output but, if you are going to use the version of the github as you are here, you should follow the new workflow outlined in the discussions Abraham posted.

I will make a new set of videos describing the new workflow the next time that we have a stable release.


No worries, I kinda of figured that this happened because I have updated components. The videos are awesome. I tried the new workflow and it works fine.

Hi, I am trying to work on a simple study that explores the relation between the temperature of room surfaces (assuming the possibility to have some or all as radiant panels) and their shapes. I tried to use the example shared Indoor Temperature but I was not able to control the surface temperature. I wanted to check the MRT first than comfort matrix. I am trying not to use energyplus. Is there a way around this?


Honeybee does not currently have components to create thermally active surfaces or radiant panels. If you want to have these in your Honeybee model right now, you are going to have to enter the IDF text lines manually through the new “additionalStrings_” input of the Run Simulation component (you must sync with the github to get the Run Simulation component with this input). I know that components for radiant panels are on the to-do list but, for now, you are going to have to do it yourself.


Hi Chris,

Is there any progress concerning the radiant panels ?