My sky is creating shadows where there should be none regardless of the north orientation

Hi all,

I am working on a simulation bouncing light off of a reflective roof, to a diffuse ceiling, to scatter light into the space below. I am using the honeybee mirror rad material and I am getting weird shading from one roof to another. See the attached screenshot.

In my mind the green highlighted roof should have an even distribution of direct sunlight since there is no shade.

Does anyone know why this is the case? The sun is coming from the side where the short builidng is and bouncing off the green highlighted roof.

Hi @Tstull, it’s hard to tell just based on screenshot. Can you share the Radiance folder that is written out by Honeybee?

Hi Sarith,

Thank you for your reply. I actually figured out the reason for the weird coloration. In the HDR, radiance treats mirror materials as actual mirrors in the viewport. So what I’m seeing is actually the reflection of the underside of the adjacent roof.