New EPW file creation for energy simulation in Energyplus - issues with radiation related parameters and visibility

Hi all,

I am using the Energyplus for the energy simulation of the latest period and I know I need to create a new EPW file for this period. I am planning to use the EPW file on ‘oikolab’ website provided by @josephyang . But I noticed that ‘Extraterrestrial Horizontal Radiation’ and ‘Extraterrestrial Direct Normal Radiation’ in this file are set as a fixed value of 9999 and ‘Visibility’ is set as 777.7. Therefore, I am wondering whether there will be any influence for the accuracy of the energy simulation results if those parameters are set like that.

I would appreciate it if anybody could inform me about it or have any other advice for the EPW file.



Hey @lu315702820 ,

Those fields are not used in the Energy plus calculation. There’s a space allocated to them in the EPW schema just in case Energy plus ever decides that they’d like to use them in the distant future. But your EPWs sounds like they’re perfectly acceptable for energy simulation.