New version ladybug error

Hi guys,

I try to create sunpath but encountered an error after updating the components to 1.1.0 version.
Any suggestions?

Make sure you are using Rhino 6 Service release 25 or above. You can check your service release when Rhino loads up:


Hi @chris,

In my case i’m running Rhino 6 with SR34, but the Sunpath component from Ladybug Tools 1.1.0 doesn’t read the data from EPW files (image below).

Any clue on how to handle this?

Ok, this was simply unexpected behaviour (coming from the Legacy version).
Now we have to pass the HOYS data in order to get the sun vectors, while in the Legacy version it automatically generates all sun vectors by default (unless an Analysis Period is passed).

Thanks to Philipp Galvan for his updated tutorial:

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