No Radiation Tools

Hi I am new to using ladybug, and I am trying to run an orientation study based on a radiation analysis. However, I do not have either of those tools or even the option to create a radiation rose on my toolbar in grasshopper. Is this because the tool names have changed since the most recent versions? Or did I install incorrectly?

So far I have tried: uninstalling and re-installing ladybug, installing older versions of ladybug (then deleting them after that didn’t work). I also have DAYSIM, RADIANCE, and OPENSTUDIO installed on my local drive.

Anyone know how to solve this issue?


As you see at the end of the LBT 1.3 release notes the radiation rose and other radiation graphics are one of the last things we still have to port from Legacy over to LBT (we should have them for the next stable release). You can still run radiation studies using the LB Incident Radiation component and all of the Legacy Honeybee recipes are currently supported in the LBT plugin.

Orientation studies are easy enough to set up with native Grasshopper sliders and data recorders so we don’t plan on adding a dedicated input for them as we did in Legacy.

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Thank you. Do you know of any tutorials for doing a manual orientation study with grasshopper as you mentioned?

We’re working on some tutorial videos over the next month. The key components that you need to do orientation studies with native Grasshopper components are sliders, the “rotate” component, and the data recorder.