No weather file attached Issue in honeybee (E+)

Hi Mustopha and all,

Firstly, i want to say thank you to Musthopa for this application. i tried to run energy plus with honeybee. I have opened/attached weather file (epw file). Then, i set write idf to yes and idf file was written successfully. However, after i set run energy plus to yes, the result message said that no weather file was attached. How to solve this problem? what step have i missed?

Thank you…


Hi Atika,

Where did you get your weather file? Looks like EnergyPlus cannot read the header of your file. You may need to edit your weather file manually.


Hi Atika and Mostapha,

I have the same problem before, after I read about your suggestion, I try to use the weather file from energy plus folder and It worked. But when compare my weather file with the weather file from energy plus, both of them were identical, so the problem wasn’t about the weather file. And when I move the weather file to another folder, It failed again.

So the problem is about the name of the folder, if we put our weather file inside folder c:\New Folder (for example), our simulation will failed, but if we put our weather file in c:\New_Folder or c:\newFolder or something else without spacing, It will worked.

Thanks for the good answer, Agus. You are right about that and I can tell you that it results from the finicky nature of E+ and the fact that the creators of E+ have not put in any functionality for filenames with spaces in them. I can also say that E+ only likes file paths where you have \ between folders and not / so watch out for that one too!

Thanks for the solution…

That worked for me, after i moved the weather file to weather data energy plus folder. The problem was happen only when i run energy plus in honeybee. When i run energy plus by using EP Launch, i had no problem with the weather file location.

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