Non-Convex surfaces

I am trying to simulate Outdoor comfort and i used Honeybee_find_nonconvex component to check if any non_convex surface existed,But i find it did not work well in my cases:

1)Through Honeybee_find_nonconvex component,shows all surfaces are convex surface.However,when i added windows,surfaces(ExWall) with window became non-convex surface even the zone is a simple box.
2)I built two models,both showed non-convex surface existed.When i ran E+,one run correct but the other does not run correctly because of this sever error: Severe ** DetermineShadowingCombinations: There are 2 surfaces which are casting surfaces and are non-convex.
All in all.The component can’t find the non-convex well in my cases and i can’t find which surface should be revised or splited.
Could anyone help me to solve that problem?The gh file is attched.
Thank you,
Ziyuan Wang (683.2 KB) (934.0 KB)