Not able to utilise all CPU Core in apple MAC M2

I am trying to run an annual daylight simulation in mac. As M2 mac cpu has 8 cores, I assigned 7 cores as input. But in activity monitor it only uses 4 cores which is 50 % of its power. Is this a bug or am i missing something. @chris can you help me out !

How many sensor points are you assessing?

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Around 9000 sensor points

Any update @chris. Still not able to use all the cpu cores

Hey @Asisnath ,

I think it’s working as intended but Annual-Daylight is not the best recipe if you want to see your computer throttling all of the allocated CPUs at once because it runs 3 different ray tracing calculations for each batch of sensors (initially altogether at first but some will usually finish before others).

If you want to see a recipe that throttles all of the CPUs that you requested, Daylight-Factor is a better recipe for this.


Ok i will give it a try then. Do we have any option to see the simulation progress in mac as batch window in windows!