Not recognized as fish eye

An image taken with a fisheye lens is not recognized as a fisheye image. Does anyone know a solution?

I was able to produce HDR images from images taken at different exposure times in order to obtain DGP from the captured images.

However, when I tried to find DGP from the created image, the part outside the circle was also recognized as part of the circle like the attached image, and I could not get the correct result.

Does anyone know what to do to evaluate only the circular part taken with a fisheye lens?

By the way, DGP was calculated using Honeybee, a plugin to grassshopper, and a component called Glare Analysis.hdrtmpvrgbwB2@fc

This is the image.

Hallo keisuke,

Looking at the screen, for me this is a fish-eye image, only you haven´t generate a black outside mask, but a purple one.
Try to insert in the Falsecolor component the value 0.1 in the input _maskTreshold.
This is my advice, without having seen your workflow.

Liam R.

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