Object has no attribute cenpt and test points are missing

Hi everyone,
I have a geometry which is complex.the height of this is 16 meters that has two floors with heights are 7 and 9 meters.also one floor is under the ground.
I want to have cooling,heating and lighting simulation.unfortunately I encounter with some error.
when I run the cooling simulation,the error is"object has no attribute cenpt" and honeybee do not know ground floor.
and when I run the daylighting simulation,the error is "test points are missing"that the program didn’t run.
what should I do?
Best Regards
daylighting.gh (519.4 KB)
heating and cooling load.gh (665.8 KB)

Hi Sajad,
For your energy simulation def, you didn’t create zones correctly.
You need to use the second component to create for every zone from the HB surface.

And for Daylighting def, to generate test points from surfaces Use the first component.(If you want to use 2nd component connect zone(s) not Surface).


Hi Omid
I have many surfaces and when I use this component that you suggest me,It can not understand a close volume.

Use HB_createHBZones to create One zone from HB surfaces.
I Just created one of the zones you can find attached.
Zone_from_Srfs.gh (840.1 KB)


Thanks for your answer.I will try this file and comeback soon.