Occupancy Schedule for Dynamic Metrics (sDA)

I am experimenting with HoneybeePlus and its new components. It is mentioned in occScheduleWeek that OCCHours needs “Start and end hour of work day as a tuple”. When I put a tuple, I get an error! When I put the start and the end hours with comma as a separator, I do not get error. However, sDA results are different. For example, with the default schedule of (8, 17), sDA is 91%. But with the input of “8, 17”, sDA is 50%.
So this phenomena makes me wonder:

  1. how to correctly define the _occHours? Is it tuple? what is the input of occHours for hours from 8 am to 6 pm?
  2. where is the new defined schedule saved? If it is saved somewhere, I can go and check if it is defined correctly.

The next question is in regard to weekend.
When I define [0] to have no weekends, it is still assume Sunday as a weekend. When I define 6,7 (see the picture), surprisingly, it removes the weekend (although the default is 6,7). Please clarify the correct style of inputs.


Hi @saram,
It looks like we need to take a look at the inputs. Meanwhile, you could do the following to get the schedule you want

Hi @saram,

@devang’s suggestions is correct except for the weekends. Here are a number of examples:

They don’t get saved by default similar to other Honeybee objects. Daysim does create a csv file and then reads it back from the drive for post processing. There are different ways to check the outputs.

  1. Check the values output. It’s a lit of 0, 1 for all the hours of the year.
  2. Use the alternative component that takes the 0-1 values as input and input all the values as you wish.


Schedule has a write method but it’s not implemented yet. In any case that won’t make a difference since it will just take the values and write it to a csv file.

Hope it helps!