Olution exception:'EPZone' object has no attribute 'isPlenum'

I encountered the error “1. Solution exception:‘EPZone’ object has no attribute ‘isPlenum’”. Does anyone know what does this error mean? I originally thought it is because some components are not up-to-date, but I have checked and all HB components are of ver0.064. Please help.

@Ivanita ,
It sounds like this error is due to having old component or an old version of HB_HB flying somewhere. We won’t know what’s the issue without more information (like what component is giving the error) and, ideally, a sample file that re-created the error.

Hi Chris,

I’ve encountered a similar problem while running an energy simulation with Honeybee. I have the updated versions and components of HB. Sorry I can’t upload a sample file as I am a new user. But please see photo below. An help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi guys, no need to respond now, this issue resolved by closing and reopening the file. So perhaps it had something to do with letting Honeybee and Ladybug fly.