Open Breb & Close Breb Problem in HB/LB

Hello All,

I’m trying to make a building that has an open window and then adjust a closed shading device. To be Open Breb Building + Close Breb Shading Device = CLOSE ZONE. I understand that I have to get a closed breb because of the Energy+ simulation. However, I still get an open breb.

would you mind telling me where the problem is? (634.2 KB)

Thanks in advance,

For open window in energyplus you should still model the window geometry and then use airflow component to set the airflow between inside and outside to represent an open window. This has been discussed on the forum before and you should be able to find it by a quick search.

Shading doesn’t count as part of the zone geometry.

Thanks @mostapha for your reply.

I checked out before asked here. I did several models without using airflow component which work very good except in this model. See the attached that I used the same workflow. (804.4 KB)