OpenStudio apply measure issue

Howdy folks,

I’m having some trouble with import OpenStudio measure I am using the latest version of this component, any thoughts or ideas?

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We will replace this component and will use OpenStudio 2 once it’s officially out. You may try to get it fixed as it is but then I’m afraid that you can’t access any of the model arguments because of OpenStudio API limitations. See this discussion:


When you mean model arguments do you mean the arguments that you specify on the right hand side of the OpenStudio for the measure?

There is no way to pass these arguments through code until OpenStudio 2 is released? Therefore they have to be passed manually by opening up OpenStudio?

Also is there some info on the OpenStudio release?

See below:

This one seems to have no model arguments. Can you share the measure with me? If you ready the measure documentation you will see that there are different types of input arguments.

Yes. I forwarded you the email for OpenStudio 2.0 pre-release.

Are the arguments not the those seen highlighted in red on the right corner of the screen? Is there no way to pass them through the SDK? Instead they have to be manually input.

The measure is the create baseline building, I’ve attached it as a zip file here.

Many thanks! (265 KB)

By arguments I mean the Inputs on the right side. Read more here (…). I’ll try to check the file at some point tomorrow.

Another test! It runs but it gives a measure specific error. I’m not sure how you can assign a weather file to the model in OpenStudio. That should be a good question for