OpenStudio error with Daysim schedule

I generated *.csv lightning schedules through daylight analysis. I need to run simulation through OpenStudio, since I’ve got HVAC assigned to zones. When i plug HBzones with new schedules assigned (ones generated by Daysim) I get an error on OS component that says:

  1. Failed to find Daysim schedule file (to be used in combination with a thermal simulation program) in the Honeybee schedule type limits library.
  2. Solution exception:‘NoneType’ object is unsubscriptable.

Everything is fine when using EP run simulation component. I am using latest version of HB (0.0.63) and OS (2.4.0), i didn’t use any old versions of component so didn’t need to update file. Is it a known issue?

Is it possible for you to share the bare minimum version of GH file with geometries internalized, please?

Sorry, I forgot to post it. Definition Is quite messy so I put some scribbles in it to clear things up :). Thanks!daylight (705.2 KB)

Hi @Wujo,
The annualProfiles had to be turned into a CSV schedule that Honeybee understands. That’s the only change I did in the file.

daylight (717.1 KB)

One should be able to connect the schedules directly. Also since there are 4 zones there need to be 4 schedules. I suspect based on what @Wujo mentioned the error has to do with the OpenStudio component as everything runs fine with EnergyPlus.

You are right @mostapha. This was a bug and you should be able to connect up the annual profile directly. I just fixed the bug here:

and you can find a working version of your file here:
daylight (718.0 KB)