Openstudio export problem - assign constructions to horizontal internal openings

Hi all,

I´m working on an energy model for a large building, with some vertical voids connecting different floors. As I will be using the AFN at a later stage, some zones are subdivided vertically and connected by a horizontal opening between the two zones. I´ve replicated the case below:

When I try to run the simulation, the component exporting to OpenStudio is not writing the construction field in the fenestration objects. Which are left empty in the idf:

Running the same case through the component that exports to EnergyPlus works perfectly, and the construction gets written on the idf:

I´ve checked around the python code to see if there was an easy way to get around this, but I´m afraid it is beyond my skills. Hopefully it will be an easy one to fix!

OpenStudio error_horizontal (562.3 KB)