OpenStudio Learning Resources

Hi all,

I would like to get a better hang of OpenStudio so that I can make adjustments to a model generated with Honeybee. Would anyone have suggestions for best learning resources based on personal experience? I am willing to pay for these materials if need be.

I am primarily interested in a pure Honeybee > OpenStudio workflows - but I have also run into situations where I felt like it would have been beneficial to know SketchUp and to know how to generate an OpenStudio file with SketchUp.

Any and all thoughts would be much appreciated!


i used this attached to start learning grasshopper and it’s useful and good start .

good luck

No attachment. Just to be clear: I am looking resources for OpenStudio, not GH. I am posting this here only because I am


Here is a full list of OpenStudio Resources that I typically send people when they are getting into it:


The NREL OpenStudio Youtube Channel:

A Forum that is Great for Asking Questions to the OpenStudio Developers
(or finding answers to your questions):

The Building Components Library (and Measure Library)
(measures are the Ruby scripts that you can run to change things about your model):

The Full List of EnergyPlus Objects that OpenStudio Supports:…

Unfortunately, at the moment, we don’t have video tutorials specifically related to Honeybee/OpenStudio integration and the best resource that I can point you towards are the example files:

and especially those related to HVAC:

Mostapha and I are in the process of revising how we produce tutorial videos and we should be launching a platform soon that allows anyone to make monetary contributions towards the next free video series that we create. If this ends up being as successful as we hope it will be, you should have some solid, high-quality resources for educating yourself soon enough!


Thank you Chris