Optiming PC memory

Hello all,

I am running a daylight simulation using Honeybee(+) and radiance. The system ha 64 GB memory, but utilizing only 8 GB, while running the simulation.
There is no CPU input in the Honeybee(+) component.
Is there another input I can use for utilizing most of the memory?


Hi @TanviB. You can use the new Lbt Honeybee Radiance and there you can enter cpu count too.

Thank you.
Can you please make it further clear?
Are you suggesting to replace the main analysis component? the 2nd one in the image?

Honeybee radiance cant be used used in congestion with Honeybee+ components. You have to use the Honeybee and honeybee radiance component to perform daylight simulations. You have to generate the whole script using new LBT.

Thank you Asis.

I wish there would have been another option in Honeybee+ as well.

If you want to improve calculation speed while working with plus version, you can check Acclerad tool. This enables processing in GPU available on the system that reduce simulation time.

great! I’ll check this one then…


If you are using Windows 10, you can in theory increase the CPU count in Honeybee[+] by running the simulation on the Linux distribution of Radiance with Windows Subsystem for Linux. It can be set up so it does not change the usual workflow (everything stays in Grasshopper). In short, the batch file can be converted to a shell script, which then can be executed from within a batch file. At least that’s how I have set it up on my own machine.

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Thank you mikkel…I’ll check this too.