Order of HB components


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Do i need to follow a specific order for the honeybee components set zone loads, assign hvac system (i’m using ideal air loads), set thresholds (setpoints), set air flow (natural ventilation) and set schedules?
Doesn’t they override themselves (e.g. ideal air loads)?

I’m also trying to make a schedule for my natural ventilation. Is this possible?

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@adriancasadecampo ,

The order of those components in relation to one another doesn’t matter as they are editing zone properties that are not related to one another.

You only have to worry about the order when a component is editing or assigning a property that depends upon another zone property. For example, if you set up “Window-based Natural Ventilation” with the set EP air flow component before you have added windows to the zone, your zones are not going to have any natural ventilation assigned to them.

Schedules for natural ventilation are easy to set up and here is an example:

There are a bunch of components for creating schedules and you don’t necessarily have to use the csv schedule component in that example.

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@chris Thank you very much for this perfect answer!