Other side coefficients


I am busy with building a simulation model for an apartment complex. I generated a honeybee model in which all surfaces are defined in the proper way. Now I would like to be able to simulate the different appartments separatly. (see the green zones in the image below)

It would be really nice if it is possible to ad “the other side coefficients” (https://bigladdersoftware.com/epx/docs/8-3/tips-and-tricks-using-energyplus/using-osc-other-side-coefficients-to-create-controlled-panels.html) automatically to all inner surfaces which in the simulation lack adjacent zones. Is this in some way possible?

@chris, your two cents?

Hi @chris and @devang,

I made a simple grasshopper script with the basic idea how this workflow could be. I managed to generate automatically the names of the surfaces to which I would like to assign the OSC.

But then how can I let Eplus know in the right way what it has to do. I tried with additionalStrings_, but that gave me the following error:

The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error:
** Severe ** Line: 1888 Index: 21 - “OSCCoef:zone_12_Srf_1” is not a valid Object Typ.

OSC.gh (545.8 KB)


It would be really nice if this could be accomplished. It would significantly reduce the amount of simulation time, it will make it much simpler to build an energymodel (without using all different scedules and room temperatures) and it will give you very usefull results for dimensioning a climate system. I hope it will be somehow possible to accomplish this within the honeybee workflow.

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