Outdoor thermal comfort- two types of grounds (concrete seems colder than soil)

Hi everyone,

I would like to model an outdoor environment (thermal comfort) where I would like to use two different types of grounds - concrete and grass- . There is a simple ground where the middle is concrete and the other is grass. I thought the surface of the concrete will be hotter than the surroundings which is soil but it seems it’s colder than the soil (according to the simulation). Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong or what is wrong with my model? Or I should approach the problem in a different way? (The next step would be check if there are trees either on the concrete part or on the soil what the thermal comfort would look like).
I thank you In advance for your help!

Ground.3dm (88.9 KB) Ground_gh.gh (639.5 KB)

I would check what happens hourly since this can be a result of thermal lag. Important also to check the analysis period as for the simulation settings.