Output radiation result

hello all
could you please say:

  1. how can i get output result from contextMesh?
  2. what it mean ,Mesh( v: , f: )?
  3. how can i see just grid on my shape? i created my shape in rhino. (like below picture) what do i do to make a shape like below picture. i gonna see just grids on shape.



12345_autosave.gh (384.8 KB)


i created below picture in rhino, how can i create just grids on shape? (like above semi-sphere)
i gonna see, ladybug how create grids on shape before running radiation calculation.
how can i convert below pic to like above semi-sphere? i gonna instead of shade see grids on below pic.

SheikhLotWithRINGreal.3dm (204.9 KB)