Parametric data comparison

Ladybug / Honeybee is relatively new to me. I am currently performing a parametric analysis to optimize building envelope for a small retail space. Using the Colibri iterator, I am able to run simulations based on varying envelope constructions. I am having an issue understanding the data recording process, as it relates to displaying the data. Each iteration both creates and removes the OSM file. So when I want to graph each iteration against each other, I have no way of recording that data. Basically, I’d like to graph the cooling energy over time and display multiple iterations on the same graph. Can anyone give me any pointers on how to record the full energy data for each iteration? Thanks!

You can change the name for each iteration to keep the folder but you don’t really need that. A better option is to use Colibri to keep track of outputs that you want and visualize them in DesignExplorer. There are several examples on the forum and Hydra.