PeakLoad component 1.2.0

Hi everyone
I’m trying to do a box model with multiple floors but with actually creating the geometry. Multiplier option doesn’t recognize top room boundary condition properly. If using multiplier option the peakloads component does generate results but when changing that to floor by floor is no longer responsive. I think it is a component issue because i’m still able to run energy with modeltoOSM. Cant upload file because im new user.

@CarlosKellyGro ,

You gain the ability to upload files by browsing other posts (it’s part of the forum’s anti-spam immune system). I don’t fully understand your question but, if you want to model everything as real geometry instead of using multipliers, you can use the “HB Move” component to create a bunch of moved copies of each story. Then, you can then combine everything back into one list of rooms for use with the peak load component.