Percentage of obstructed view

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to write a script (with the already existing components) for simulating the percentage of obstructed view is the ratio between the obstructed rays and the total amount of rays.

Assuming that the observation point is at height of 1.2m in the middle of the room in a seated position, while the number of 2500 view rays.

I need this script as an optimization objective for visual and thermal comfort, with louvers as variables.



Hi Nite,

You can use Vertical Sky Component to achieve this if you are interested in percentage number for the whole scene. If you are looking for some specific rays, then you can use Grasshopper’s Mesh-Ray intersection component, and count the number of intersections.


Thank you Mostapha.


The Ladybug_View Analysis might also be able to give you what you want and allows you to set the specific points that you are testing the view to. It even allows you to set weights to the different points if you are interested in emphasizing a certain part of the outdoors. It’s very useful for a lot of different applications and I have been using it a lot recently.