PET analysis Comfort Recipe error

Hi all,

I’m trying to generate a PET comfort recipe for Microclimate mapping - however, with this particular set of data I get an error saying “1. Not all of the connected srfIndoorTemp_ branches are of the same timestep or same analysis period.”

This doesn’t seem to be right, because all of the connected data lists have 8767 HOY items… what could be causing this error message? I had no issue with the same script using different geometries. There are more surfaces analysed this time though (177).


@smyliemeg ,

What does the srfIndoorTemp_ data look like? Have you tried connecting it to a Native Grasshopper Param Viewer component to see if what the component is saying is correct?

Hi Chris,

Yes, had a look and shows same - 8767 items per surface/branch


i have same problem
can you help me