PET mapping results look strange

Hello everyone,

I did a PET mapping using the sun path shading method, and results are barely differing by 0.01 (high bound to low bound)

Is that possible or is there an error in the simulation? The picture has been uploaded below

@Shru6391 Maybe you missed the effect of solar radiation

@minggangyin I did run the geometry through the sun path shading simulation and then connected that result to the solarRadiationperhour input

@Shru6391 You should upload your grasshooper definition for further discussion.

@minggangyin Thanks for the reply! I did update and re-run them, but the results look the same

@Shru6391 Could you post your grasshooper definition to this forum?

@minggangyin sorry for the delay!

attaching the GH def to this message (813.5 KB)