Please help me! genCumulativeSkyMtx error


I can`t fix this problem.Could someone help me?

Can you share the weather file with me. We need to support specific characters for cases like this.

of course! I spent so much time trying to understand what`s wrong with that and I have no idea((

PRT_Lisboa.085360_INETI.epw (1.53 MB)

Can you try the attached file. It runs fine on my machine. (360 KB)

I replaced my component with yours and it is not red anymore but still there is something wrong with data

honeybee-ladybug_roof .gh (796 KB)

Can you share with me the files under (“c:\ladybug\lisboa__PRT”)? It’s hard to say if it fails to generate the sky or is it a loading problem.

yes,of course.Thank you

here they are:

Lisboa__PRT.bat (536 Bytes)
Lisboa__PRT.epw (1.53 MB)
Lisboa__PRT.wea (139 KB)

one more:

but I can`t upload Lisboa__PRT_dif_1.mtx and Lisboa__PRT_dir_1.mtx here because they are more than 5MB ((

That means they are generated correctly. Can you upload one of them in dropbox, etc and send me the link. Thanks.

thank you for your help

here is _dif

I’m sorry for the very late reply. I added a line to give a better report of the error. Can you please try the attached file and let me know the results. I hope we can get it fixed for you today. (364 KB)