Please help me sort out these errors in HB, I am doing these for the first time

Hi guys, this is my first time practicing this software, and I have been following Chris Mackey’s tutorials on youtube and I am at my 6th video. I have been following the steps as mentioned. I am at my sixth video 6 - Honeybee Energy Modeling - Running a Basic Energy Simulation - YouTube I encountered some errors. How can I sort it out?

  1. Current document units is in Meters
  2. Conversion to Meters will be applied = 1.000
  3. Current document units is in Meters
  4. Conversion to Meters will be applied = 1.000
  5. [1 of 8] Writing simulation parameters…
  6. Can’t find ddy file next to the EPW.
  7. Extreme values from the weather file design will be used instead.
  8. [2 of 8] No context surfaces…
  9. [3 of 8] Writing geometry…
  10. [4 of 8] Writing Electric Load Center - Generator specifications …
  11. [5 of 8] Writing materials and constructions…
  12. [6 of 8] Writing schedules…
  13. [7 of 8] Writing loads and ideal air system…
  14. [8 of 8] Writing outputs…

  15. … idf file is successfully written to : c:\ladybug\unnamed\EnergyPlus\unnamed.idf
  16. Analysis is running!..

Done! Read below for errors and warnings:

  1. Program Version,EnergyPlus, Version 9.3.0-baff08990c, YMD=2021.10.30 20:54,
  2. ** Warning ** Version: in IDF="=9.3.0" not the same as expected=“9.3”
  3. ** Warning ** Version: in IDF="=9.3.0" not the same as expected=“9.3”
  4. ************* Beginning Zone Sizing Calculations
  5. ** Warning ** GetHTSurfaceData: Surfaces with interface to Ground found but no “Ground Temperatures” were input.
  6. ** ~~~ ** Found first in surface=ZONE_0_SRF_0
  7. ** ~~~ ** Defaults, constant throughout the year of (18.0) will be used.
  8. ** Severe ** RoofCeiling:Detailed=“ZONE_9_SRF_1”, Vertex size mismatch between base surface :ZONE_9_SRF_1 and outside boundary surface: ZONE_11_SRF_0
  9. ** ~~~ ** The vertex sizes are 4 for base surface and 3 for outside boundary surface. Please check inputs.
  10. ** Severe ** RoofCeiling:Detailed=“ZONE_11_SRF_0”, Vertex size mismatch between base surface :ZONE_11_SRF_0 and outside boundary surface: ZONE_9_SRF_1
  11. ** ~~~ ** The vertex sizes are 3 for base surface and 4 for outside boundary surface. Please check inputs.
  12. ** Fatal ** GetSurfaceData: Errors discovered, program terminates.
  13. …Summary of Errors that led to program termination:
  14. … Reference severe error count=2
  15. … Last severe error=RoofCeiling:Detailed=“ZONE_11_SRF_0”, Vertex size mismatch between base surface :ZONE_11_SRF_0 and outside boundary surface: ZONE_9_SRF_1
  16. ************* Warning: Node connection errors not checked - most system input has not been read (see previous warning).
  17. ************* Fatal error – final processing. Program exited before simulations began. See previous error messages.
  18. ************* EnergyPlus Warmup Error Summary. During Warmup: 0 Warning; 0 Severe Errors.
  19. ************* EnergyPlus Sizing Error Summary. During Sizing: 1 Warning; 2 Severe Errors.
  20. ************* EnergyPlus Terminated–Fatal Error Detected. 3 Warning; 2 Severe Errors; Elapsed Time=00hr 00min 0.56sec

As per this video I have tried to simulate my basic model I built for learning before moving on to my thesis model which I will simulate later. the topic is about designing a net zero energy IT park office building so please guide me with the softwares in that direction.

Seems like you are encountering a geometry error (error code lines 33-41). The tutorial you are following is quite old and a relatively complex geometry, so I’d replace the brep with something more simple (3-4 zones, all rectangular).

You can also try using this example (Color Zones With Energy Model Results) to get a feel for how to make a model using honeybee. You would need to replace the weather file URL with the following:
or any other weather file of your choice.

If you want to try and work out your current file, upload your gh file and I can take a look.

Hi, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
I found out the issue. it seems that in this model I had to give some intermediate surface of sorts between two different wall surfaces like here

it sorted the issue out and currently I am on the (15th video of the playlist)15 - Honeybee Energy Modeling - Constructions Part 1: How to Change Constructions - YouTubewhere I am learning to change wall construction materials based on energyplus ASHRAE standards.
This is my progress so far, let me know if I made any mistakes or anything I could do to make it better.

HB energy modelling on legacy from turoial (638.1 KB)

Just for the sake of tutorial and learning, I am using this dummy model.

HB energy modelling from legacy.3dm (162.1 KB)

Once I learn the basics I will apply it to my thesis project.

Is it also possible to add custom materials with U values of my own? Like for eg. AAC blocks with 7.4 thermal resistivity, Insulation mineral wool of 24 thermal resistivity (units in metric) and so on.
i will be needing to do that when I start modelling my net zero office building after finishing the tutorials.

Also, the EPW file I am using is this one IND_Tiruchirapalli.433440_ISHRAE.epw (1.5 MB)

Hopefully you figured it out by now but Part 18 of the tutorial covers how to make custom materials.

yea! I am going to view the 18th video today.


In addition to @kentakahas’ suggestions, I suggest checking out the Honeybee Wiki, which has a great section on how to correctly model zone geometry as surfaces:


FYI: the vertex mismatch error happens when you have two adjacent surfaces that may look the same geometrically, but have a different number vertices. They need to match, so you can fix the error by redrawing your original adjacent surfaces to match.