Plot DF results from previous analysis

Hi all,

I think the answer of my qestion would be easy and basic but atm i really cannot figure it out.
I am trying to plot some DF values from previous analysis and I am then using the “Lookup Daylighting folder” component to get the results from the folder of my analysis, and the “recolor mesh” component to plot the results in Rhino.
Compared to the “direct way” (right after running the simulation) to plot results, in which I would use the output DF_value from the “Run daylight simulation” component, now i am getting the resultFiles (.res) output from the folder of my simulation. In this .res file there are three lists of values, but none of them is reporting the values of the DF_values and consequently cannot be input as “_analysisResults” in the “recolor mesh” component.
How can i then plot DF values from previous analysis (in order to not to ru-run the analysis)?

Thanks to all again

You have to use Read RAD Results component.