Plot isocurve's values

Hi all,

this is problably an easy question, but i am still struggling on it.

I am running DF simulations, and i am using the Ladybug_countour mesh component to plot the results with the isocurves.

My problem is that the values of the isocurves are plotted not always in the same way: sometime parallel to the curves, sometime perpendicular.

In the following case, for example, i would like to turn the values of 90°(to get them parallel to the curves).

in order to have something like this:

How can i do that (without baking them)??

Thanks in advance



This is a good question and there was previously no good way to rotate the text without baking. However, I just added a better branching structure to the output of the coutourLabels:…

This allows you to rotate the text with a few native Grasshopper components like so:

I hope this helps,

-Chris (387 KB)